New Year’s Day attack by Sri Lanka air force Kills 5 more civilians in Vanni

Sri Lanka Air Force continued its aerial bombardment of the Northern Vanni region of the country on New Year’s Day.

Colombo’s Daily Mirror website reported 5 civilians were killed and 21 injured during air raids by the Sri lanka air force in Murasumoddai, quoting LTTE.

Aerial attack at 10.45am on Thursday morning killed one civilian and another aerial attack around 1.00pm killed another four civilians. A total of 21 civilians including three children were injured in the two aerial attacks on Thursday. Many of the injured were civilians in the process of displacing and were passing on the road near the attack location in Murasumoddai.

Murasumoddai in Kilinochchi came under aerial attack for the second day in a row.

The main hospital in Vanni in Kilinochchi has said only few medicines, fluids and blood bank requirements have come through the Government of Sri Lanka in recent times. They said this material is very minimal and does not cover the requirements of Kilinochchi hospital, which is trying to cope with civilian casualties everyday now. The hospital has shortages of everything – medicines, medical equipment, sterilising equipment, blood reagents. They pointed out that the blood bank is not adequate and do not have the material to test the blood for blood types.

Details of those killed and injured on New Year’s day are as follows:


1. R Vasuki, female aged 35, (school teacher)
2. Saravanamuthu Rasaih, male aged 67, (father of Vasuki above)
3. Anthonypillai Anthony George, male aged 36
4. M Selvarasa, male aged 28
5. Thuraisingam Prasanth, male aged 23 of Kanesapuram


1. Rasaratnam Rajinthan, male child aged8
2. Arulappar Michael Theepan, male child aged 13
3. Michael, male aged 36 of Murasumoddai
4. Arulappar Atputharasa, male aged 67 of Murasumoddai
5. A Sinnavan, male aged 16
6. Selvarasa Selvaratnam, male aged 28 of Kaddaikadu
7. Suppaih Ravi, male aged 30 of Sundikulam
8. Mahalingam, male aged 50
9. Sachchithanantham Pushpalalitha, female aged 55 of 5th MP, Murasumoddai
10. Poopalasingam Rathan, male aged 18 of Tharmapuram
11. Jeyaranjini, female aged 42 of 4th MP, Murasumoddai
12. Nageswaran, male aged 45 of 96/2 Thoddiyadi
13. Yogalingam, male aged 42
14. Nahammah, female aged 62
15. Vijayakumar, male aged 28 of Murasumoddai
16. Thambipillai, male aged 60 of 93/1 4th MP, Murasumoddai
17. Selvarasa, male aged 25 of Murasumoddai
18. S Karusenwaran, male aged 32
19. Vithuran
20. Mayalahu Arithas, male aged 28
21. Subramanium Sarvanantham, male 26 of Kanesapuram

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