Polishing shoe in Palayankottai for Tamil Relief fund

As support and aid donations by Tamil Nadu politicians and movie stars continue towards assisting Tamils in Sri Lanka, citizens of every walk of life are also rendering solidarity in the Southern Indian State, according to media reports.

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While well-known to the little-known artists of the Tamil film world attended a fast on Nov 1 and some making donation ranging from Rs. 110.00 to Rs. 10 Lakhs at the event, a young Tamil polished shoes at a bus terminal and accepted “donations for Tamils in Sri Lanka” in lieu of payment for shoe polishing services.

Baburaj (30), a social services volunteer hailing from Nellai in Tamil Nadu, offered shoe polishing services towards aiding the ‘Sri Lankan Tamils relief fund’.

Baburaj was seen performing the services at the Palayankottai bus terminal according to a report in Chennai based Tamil daily, Dinamalar.

Palayankottai is a town in the Tirunelveli district in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The Tamil Nadu government on Oct 27th set up a ‘Sri Lankan Tamils relief fund’ towards aiding the suffering Tamils in the island nation.

In a statement, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi appealed to the people to contribute liberally to the fund.

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