Entry denied for food lorries again at Omanthai checkpoint

Colombo based Tamil daily Virakesari reported today Sep 23rd, of lorries carrying food items being denied entry at Sri Lanka military’s checkpoint in Omanthai.

The report further said:

The authorities in Vavuniya said entry was refused at the Omanthai crossing even though senior government officials recently concluded several essential and relief products will have to be sent to meet the needs of Kilinochchi district by Tuesday Sep 23. The officials had decided 20 lorries load of relief supplies will be needed. But none were allowed beyond Omanthai military check point throughout the day.

After the long wait, the lorries returned to Vavuniya in the evening. Later, the military agreed to allow 5 lorries but they couldn’t travel as dusk had fallen.

For the entire last week, officials said the military did not grant permission to transport essential food items.

Now for the second time in two weeks, rejection of entry beyond Omanthai has put severe burden on already stressed relief operations amidst emptying food stocks, officials said.

Virakesari’s report of entry for food lorries being denied comes amidst Sri Lanka defence ministry claiming several relief convoys were allowed into Vanni recently.

Sri Lanka defence website is stating essential items are being allowed into Vanni via Omanthai and Uyilangkulam checkpoints. The website of Sri Lanka military further said, 73 lorries fully loaded with essentials were allowed into Kilinochchi and Mulaithivu districts between Sep 5th and Sep 11th.

The military hq website adds rice, lentil, dry fish, spices, clothing, fuel, building materials, medicine and auto parts were sent through the check points. During this 7 day period, a total of 1,228 persons crossed into Vanni and 1,119 travelled from there to Vavuniya trough these entry points, according to a report on Sri Lank military website.

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