Vanni shortages persist, Government Agents say

The internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Vanni continue to face hardships and challenges to overcome due to numerous restrictions in place in Vanni for essential goods, according to the Secretariat of Government Agents (GA) of Mullaithivu and Kilinochchi. The GAs’ concerns are published in a news report in today’s Thinakkural, a Tamil daily published from Colombo.

More than a hundred thousand people are displaced in Vanni. Kilinochchi Secretariat has said 124,868 people are seeking safety in Kilinochchi alone.

[Displaced tot in Kilinochchi]

The just started seasonal down pours are expected to add immense woes to the 75% of the displaced currently living in open spaces. The rains also pose serious health risks.

Motor vehicle parts and fuel are among the items prohibited into Vanni since 2006. This ban by Sri Lanka government has caused the people of Vanni to face several difficulties, Thinakkural reported.

Sri Lanka Defence Ministry says a monthly allowance of 500,000 litres of kerosene is being sent to Vanni. However, Kilinochchi GA Rasalingam Vedanayagam and Mullaithivu GA Imelda Sugumar say shortages are widespread.

Several reports also indicate persistent shelling is causing multiple displacements and adding delays in providing adequate shelters and other needs to the IDPs.

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