Rajapakse government has no Tamil support but India has other motives: JVP

The Janaktha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) ‘agrees’ Rajapakse government has no support from Tamils as said by an Indian official this week but ‘sees’ the comments are designed to safeguard the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) from defeat.

India is never going to allow the defeat of LTTE; therefore India has taken up the strategy steps in setting up stage for formulating a policy platform to safeguard LTTE from the edges of defeat.

General Secretary of the JVP made these remarks in response to a question. The JVP secretary was asked about the recent comments to the Straits Times, by Indian National Security Advisor M.K. Narayanan on the Sri Lankan situation.

[Tilvin Silva]

Tilvin Silva was asked to comment on M.K. Narayanan suggesting Sri Lanka cannot win the war until the support of the Tamil people is gotten.

A news report on Sri Lanka’s premier Tamil daily-Virakesari says, the JVP General Secretary said the Tamil people have lost faith in the Rajapakse government for their rights as he just keeps giving concessions to Tamil representatives supporting the government.

Commenting further Tilvin Silva said:

Regional power

To remain as the regional power and maintain economic and security statuses, India needs the LTTE. This is why a federal power sharing mechanism is also being thrust on Sri Lanka by India. These measures will only see separatism spiking up than crumbling.

But the government on its knees is giving away all the resources to India. The troops got us the Eastern Province back. But government has failed to carry forward meaningful projects and developments to benefit all the Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim people of that province.

Provincial elections

Instead the government conducted Provincial elections as per the needs of India and installed persons friendly to the government to administer. These measures have made Tamil people to distrust the government.

Pirabakaran could also be made the Chief Minister of Northern Province. A minister has commented LTTE must lay down the arms. All these approaches of devolution to armed groups and separatists will only lead the country towards permanent separation.

Sri Lanka response: ‘We are not good at propaganda’

Commenting on M.K. Narayanan’s remarks of Tamils not being on the government side, Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa reportedly told a news agency, ‘the only area where we have failed is to show our genuineness, to convince the outsiders, about our sincerity in resolving the problem. In action we have proved it. Unfortunately, we are not good at propaganda. If Tamils indeed are not with us, then it is our weakness’.

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