Pictorial: Prayers for safe return to own villages

Tamil families displaced from Muthur east following military operation launched by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in April, 2006, and still being sheltered in welfare centers in Batticaloa district and Trincomalee district, are to hold a one-day prayer on August 16 Saturday, a Full Moon Day (Pooranai), in Amman Temples for their safe return to their traditional Tamil villages, print edition of the Tamil daily Virakesari reported today.

Muthur IDP families are staying in shelters in several welfare centers in Batticaloa district and also in Kilivetti, Pattithidal and Trincomalee cultural hall in Trincomalee town, and are unable to return to their villages in Moothoor east such as Sampur because these villages have been brought under high security zone by the Government of Sri Lanka.

Thousands of IDP families in shelters are unable to visit the historic Sri Paththirakaali Temple in Sampur to perform their prayers and vows.

[Kopuram at Trincomalee Paththirakaali Amman Temple]

IDP families sheltered in Batticaloa have been requested to observe the prayer at Punnaichcholai Kali Temple in Batticaloa, others at Killiveddy Mariamman Temple, Paalathadichchenai Murugan Temple, and those in Trincomalee town at Trincomalee Paththirakaali Amman Temple.

[A returnee kid in Neenakerny]

Few groups of Internally Displaced Persons were brought from Batticaloa via Vaakarai-Verukal road in state sector buses and resettled in their villages in Muthur east in last month, which are not located in the high security zone (HSZ).

But still, several Muthur IDPs are sheltered elsewhere. They have been requested to hold one-day prayer at Hindu temples located close to their welfare centers.

Paththirakaali Amman Temple, Trincomalee

Paththirakaali Amman Temple is on Dockyard road.

Devotees at the temple

Shrine for lord Ganesh near the Trincomalee Paththirakaali Amman Temple

[Pictures were taken recently by Doctorandus Sarajevo]

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