Fuel shortages hinder medical procedures at Kilinochchi Hospital

A severe fuel shortage is hampering important life saving medical procedures at the Kilinochchi Hospital, according to a report published on Sri Lanka’s premier Tamil daily – Virakesari’s website.

Patients requiring respiratory therapies and ventilation also refrigeration needed for certain medicines – are depended on fuel using generators for electricity at the Kilinochchi hospital. Without sufficient stock of fuel, patients face life threatening dangerous situations and medicines worth several lakhs of rupees are feared to be spoiling, according to Virakesari report.

A portion of the fuel consignment is waiting in Omanthai to be brought to the Kilinochchi hospital. However, Sri Lanka Armed Forces approval to transport it across Omanthai checking point is being delayed. The Health officials have been trying unsuccessfully for the past two weeks to get this approval, Virakesari report said.

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