10,000 IDP families in Kilinochchi

In the district of Kilinochchi alone, 10,000 families have taken refuge reports Tamil daily Virakesari on its website, quoting Nagalingam Devanayagan, Sri Lanka Government Agent (GA) there.

The report adds, starting from the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) campaign against Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the Madhu area of Mannar district, internally displaced persons (IDPs) have been seeking refuge in Kilinochchi.

Today there are 7,500 families from Mannar district and 1,500 familes from Thunukkai and Manthai East of Mulaitheevu district and another 1,500 families from the areas west in Kilinochchi have moved onto Kilinochchi East, according to the GA.

Almost the entire populations in the administrative area of Pooneryn Secretariat along with families seeking refuge in Mulangkaavil, all have fled the area to other safer places according to the Government Agent of Kilinochchi.

Reports also say around 2,000 G.C.E Advanced Level students are among the recently displaced IDPs, readying for the examination.

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