Tamil Nadu magazine survey finds majority support for LTTE

Survey finds support for Tamil Eelam and LTTE but also for arresting its leader

The politics of the Tamil affairs in neighbouring Sri Lanka has always been a lightning rod in Tamil Nadu. It raises support and various sentiments across many spectrums of society.

Particularly, support for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has been controversial at best, since the assassination of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Nevertheless the general view has been that vast support for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam stems only among a group of minor politicians of the Southern Indian State.

But a just-released survey by Ananda Vikatan, The popular Tamil weekly magazine of Tamil Nadu shows a small yet surprising comfortable majority (54.25 percent) of people in Tamil Nadu supporting the LTTE, while only 17.4 percent oppose it. 28.34 percent said they supported LTTE before the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Ananda Vikatan commenced publishing in 1928 and it is an influential publishing powerhouse in Tamil Nadu today.

The weekly magazine has published the results of the survey on the August 8 issue.

The results of the survey is reported today in the website of the premier Tamil Daily of Sri Lanka, Virakesari.

The Survey also finds:

I. Tamil Eelam as a solution supported by 55.4%, Not needed 9.91% and for federal solution 34.63%

II. On LTTE ban, to continue 27.43%, lift the ban 47.65% also 24.91% wants to wait and see.

III. LTTE leader Pirapaharan, as accused in the assassination of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi: 43.02% says LTTE leader should be arrested, 40.07% says he could be pardoned and 16.90% said did not commit the crime.

IV. On the measures for India to take regarding Sri Lanka, 62.59% said intervention a must to seek solution while 24.81 % said intervention needed only if the situation gets too severe. 12.58% of the respondents wanted India to stay out of the Sri Lanka situation.

V. On the matter of Katchatheevu, suddenly in the forefront of affairs across the Palk Straits, 65.76% said India must retake control and 27.96% said at least rights to go to the island must be fully restored. 6.26% said the matter needs no attention now.

VI. A considerable number of voters (43.14%) disagreed with LTTE’s assassinations of dissenting Tamil politicians, while the remaining either felt that it was inevitable or that they were not in a position to pass a judgement.

VII. 46.24% of the respondents were proud about LTTE possessing a standing army, navy and air force and only 18.59% of the voters felt that it was a danger to India.

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