Shortages cause price of essential food items spiral high in Jaffna

Due to inadequate supplies in Sri Lanka Government storage facilities, food prices in the Jaffna peninsula have spiraled to an all time high, the premier Tamil daily Virakesari reported on its website today, July 19th.

Now that dependency is on limited imports by the private businesses only and prices are not in a position to be controlled by officials.

Prices of essential food items such as rice, flour and sugar have gone up in price suddenly very drastically. Its feared that prices may go up even further in the next few days, reports Virakesari.

[In Jaffna, file pic]

Sugar is being sold for Rs 90 per kg and rice for Rs 100 to 150 per kg.

Non Governmental Organizations say the people in the peninsula are forced to pay these higher prices and endure hardship, since adequate stock is not being kept in Sri Lanka Government warehouses, the Virakesari reported.

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