Ensure our safety, say Sri Lanka Government employees in Kilinochchi

Hundreds of Government employees from the District Secretariat, hospital, schools and Zonal Education office marched down the A9 road to the Kilinochchi District Secretariat on July 2nd drawing attention to their concerns of safety and security in the region.

Reports from Kilinochchi say their march was prompted following the death of Thunukakai Additional Government Agent (AGA), N Nanthakumar, on 28 June in a claymore mine attack.

The marchers called the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL), as their employer-must take steps to ensure their safety in the district.

However, GoSL calls the areas that are still under the control of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) as ‘un cleared’ areas; in the meantime several International Non-Governmental organizations (NGO) have constantly pointed out to the numerous vulnerabilities faced by the people in those places.

[July 2, 2008 Marchers in Kilinochchi]

A press report on The website of the LTTE Peace Secretariat says:

“The marchers said that their working environment is a lot harsher than those working in other districts and that they are also expected to serve the people who are facing a lot of hardship. They said that they do long hours to serve the people while facing insecurity for their life. They listed the names of Government employees who were killed in such manner while they were on duty.

Nedunkerni AGA survived such an attack but his driver was killed. An ambulance carrying doctor and other hospital employees were killed in such an attack. In an attack on an ambulance of Poonahari hospital the driver was killed. In the attack on the vehicle belonging to the District Medical Officers, two Government employees were killed.

In an attack on a school bus in Madhu a school principal and teachers were killed. The latest in this series of killing of Government employees is that of Thunukkai AGA said the marchers.”

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