India duty bound to ‘Indian Tamils’ in Sri Lanka

By S. Thambyrajah

One of the greatest, noblest and most distinguished sons of India, Jawarharlal Nehru visited Ceylon in 1939. He drafted and prepared a document dated 25.7.1939 and his untiring efforts organised the Ceylon Indian Congress ( CIC), the forerunner to the Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC). The CIC had 4 important aims and objects well worth re-producing.

They are:

* The attainment of “Puma Swaraj” for the people of India,

* The attainment of “Puma Swaraj” for the people of Ceylon,

* To promote and safeguard the interests of Indians in Ceylon,

* To promote amity and closer relations between India and Ceylon and co-operation of the people of India and Ceylon in the attainment of common ideals.

Its principal purpose no doubt was to organise the humbler classes of the Indian population, particularly the Indian immigrant workers.

Today, fifty years later, there are in Sri Lanka 15 lakh or more of “Indian Tamils”, (as opposed to “Ceylon Tamils” who are claiming the North and East as their traditional homeland.) The civil war which has lasted over a quarter century, arising from the claim of the traditional homeland is causing misery, fear and disastrous consequences to the “Indian Tamils” in Sri Lanka.

Therefore the Indian Government is duty bound to intervene. It is moral and obligatory and cannot by any stretch of logic be construed as “interference in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.”

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