Former Sri Lanka President fears for her life, ‘though not from LTTE’

By S.U.W.K. Jayaswardane – Watupitiwala

At an event celebrating her 63rd birthday, the former President of Sri Lanka Chandrika Kumaratunga said that she fears regarding her personal safety and was afraid to travel as she was liable to be attacked by people quite unconnected with the LTTE, reports the Colombo daily The Daily Mirror.

She said, “I am afraid to travel because there is a threat to my life from certain people, though not from Prabhakaran,” Mrs. Kumaratunga said, at a function held in Nittambuwa celebrating her birthday – June 29th.

The Daily Mirror further says – The former president said that she had already set up a foundation to help poor people, and it had been registered internationally. From this fund, a project had been initiated in India. There were many plans to help the poor in Sri Lanka. “But I am a bit afraid to start it because those people I referred to would attack me,” she said.

She claimed that during her tenure as president she had spoken only the truth and had not robbed even five cents or murdered anyone or done any wrong thing. She asked whether this was what some saw as a “crime”.

Mrs. Kumaratunga also claimed that she would continue to serve the people of Attanagalla, whether in Parliament or out of it. “Some are threatening to kill me and also threatening to do many nasty things to me. Whenever I return to the country after a trip overseas, I find my security detail has been reduced,” the former president said,; adding: “Now they are going to court with trumped-up charges against me. But no one can stop me from serving the people of Attanagalla.”

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