Sri Lanka is beholden to her bold media

Bold media the real heroes today

by S. Thambyrajah
[Colombo 3]

My friends telephone me and inquire after my health. This is the season of goodwill and all of us renew our hopes. I have the long experience of four score years and four, a life full of ups and downs, a victim of subtle discrimination on account of race, of looting and arson, and of arrest and detention.

Today the order of the day is about acrobat politicians, bribery, corruption, deceit, human rights violations, rulers who are jokers, mentally unbalanced war mongers, power hungry politicians, student strikers, suicide bombers, unemployed graduates, violence with a vengeance, wailing refugees, and the never ending queues of suffering people.

I am able to accept these as the realities of bad karmic forces. My experiences have gradually helped me to achieve the greatest gift — peace of mind through meditation. The war will go on because time, the all destroyer is in the hands of the victims of adverse fate, who have become perverted, utterly losing their sense of right and wrong and are acting madly to their own final ruination and in the process dragging the country along.

In my view, there is only one solution and no other. More than half the number of members in parliament must achieve peace in their own minds; the rest is simple.

To the suffering people my message is: send out your prayers on the proper wavelength and with adequate weight behind it. To the bold media: you stand high and mighty and are the real heroes of today. The country is beholden to you. Let us hope that the country will leap forward in the new leap year. [a letter to the editor in the]

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