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by K.Thirukumaran

In publishing the annual best ‘Photos of 2007’ of The Christian Science Monitor, the revered International Newspaper says the editors reviewed their image archives for the following, among other factors:

– Composition or content?
– Art or urgency?
– Does the image speak to the human heart?

Above all the Monitor has another important measure; does the image live up to the Monitor’s mission,

“To injure no man, but to bless all mankind”?

TamilWeek and TW News Features regularly carry photo features. Readers may find the following and the other photos of 2007 on pictorial portal, in similar limelight:

Pictures by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

March: Sunrise in Madampe

March: Firewood Seller in Aandaanveli, Valaichchenai

May: Kids play in the muddy water

June: “I want to become a teacher, but unable to continue my education due to displacement” said Ishwarya Yogarasa (12) of Karadiyannaru.

June: The eductaion of the children is continuously disrupted

June: Most of them say that they have lost their identity due to displacement

July: Male devotees carry the Gods on the shoulders: Udappu Festival

August: They grieved together and comforted each other

September: Bicycle stand at St. Sebastians Cathedral in Mannar


October: Sunrise, Batticaloa Lagoon

November: Sri Lanka Public Service Journalism Awards 2007

November: Police officers were kept on alert, during the protest by the journalists

December: Newspaper advertisements which appeared in the Colombo based newspapers during the season were displayed to compare the contrast in Colombo and Jaffna: Christmas hopes from Jaffna

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