Sri Lanka media flabbergasted over Eelam map

The Economist magazine, has published a map of the Indian subcontinent that shows the North-East of Sri Lanka as ‘Eelam’. It is not clear if this was a draft or intentionally sketched for publication by the reputed British Magazine for any specific article related to Sri Lanka on the matter. The map is published alongside of an article on Indian state of Gujarat.

Eelam is the name of the Sovereign state that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, (LTTE) is fighting to create in the North East of Sri Lanka.

[Map showing ‘Eelam’, in The Economist]

However, many Sri Lankan newspapers and news sites are prominently carrying the finding of the map in The Economist.

The following is the news item that appears in the Sri Lankan newspaper ‘The Bottom line’:

The Economist puts Eelam on the global map?

By Mendaka Abeysekera in New York

Globally reputed journal The Economist has for the first time put the state of Eelam on the global map.

The Economist, in its December 6 issue, displays Eelam as a sovereign state alongside countries like India, Pakistan and China. Particulars regarding Eelam are displayed using the same font, size and colour as other sovereign states are shown on this map.

Earlier, it appeared as ‘Areas claimed by the LTTE’.

Interestingly the map supports the article on India titled “India “Don’t mention the massacre” referring to Narendra Modi’s campaign for re-election in Gujarat,(p. 47) and not in an article featuring Sri Lanka that appeared on page 48 titled “The Tigers and the government match outrage with outrage.”

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