Unity is strength

by Sunimal Alles

Whether Sri Lanka is a unitary, united, devolved, fragmented or federal state we should not be stupid. We should set aside our ego, prestige, old hurts, greed for power etc. and intelligently analyse the situation and make wise decisions.

All those who talk from a distance, have been talking and will continue to talk but never find solutions as their bread is buttered.

I heard someone once say that smart people learn from experience; and wise people learn from the experience of others. Therefore if we are wise, we do not need to implement solutions to gain experience and waste our time. All we need to do is look for similar issues that people in other countries faced, and see how their solutions could be adopted to suit us.

I see that the people in Sri Lanka are neither smart nor wise. We are waging a war that is killing and maiming our citizens. Young men have to leave their families and go to fight in the war or protect those who really do not need protection.

The cost of living is soaring strangling the poor while the rich lead a comfortable life. Foreigners belonging to NGOs and INGOs earning as much as $ 1,500 to $ 10,000 a month come in swarms and thrust on us ideas which they themselves have never adopted. Facilitators reign supreme in the resultant chaos.

It must be said that we ordinary Sri Lankans are being taken for a ride by all those who have an underlying interest in keeping the war going so that they can satiate their greed.

Solutions to all our problems could be found if we the ordinary citizens honestly seek solutions without relying on anyone else.

So my advice to all Sri Lankans is to set aside our differences and be wise to learn from the experience of others. Let us identify each other’s talents and skills, break down all barriers and pool our resources together so that we put an end to all divisions and be one strong nation. We are already late and we are slowly being fragmented by those who wish to destroy us.

Let us talk to each other and resolve our problems quickly.
[a letter to the editor, published in the SundayLeader.lk]

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