Pictorial: Kaavadi, Milk Pot carrying devotees fulfill vows in Colombo

by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

Festival of Paal Kudam (Milk Pots) and Kaavadi of the Arulmigu Sri Sivasubramaniya Swamy Temple in Ginthupitty was held on July 29 th 2007 in the morning. Six hundred devotees have fulfilled their vows by carrying Paal Kudam (Milk Pots) on their heads, and Kaavadi on their shoulders. The festival was spectacular.

Kaavadi-Kaavu means carry, thadi means piece of polished wood. Some devotees entered into a state of trance while the drums are beaten, and devotional songs are on loud speakers from the temple.

The Paal Kudam and Kaavadi went on colourful pageant through Ginthupitty Street, Aandivaal Street and Brass Founder’s Street. The milk was offered to the main granite statues of Murugan and his two wives Vall Ammai and Theivayanai in the Moolasthaanam. Poorna Aguthi was performed simultaneously by the chief priest of the temple. Anna Thaanam (Annam means food, and thaanam means offering) was served to the devotees at the end of the festival.

Paal Kudam (Mile Pots) symbolises prosperity

Littlet girls and boys who took part in Paal Kudam (Milk Pots) and Kaavadai smear with sandalwood and Kumkumam

Sandalwood dressing is offered to the staues in the Moolasthaanam (main shrine of the temple)

Sri Sivanesa Kurukkal (Palani Kurukkal) performed a special pooja at the Vasantha Mandapam

A female devotee worships the floor on which the Paal Kudam (Milk Pots) and Kaavadi have paraded

Either brass or silver pots are filled with cow’s milk, covered with dark red cloth and garlanded and sandalwood is applied to purify the pots

Pure cow’s milk is widely used at Hindu temples for religious rituals

Devotees prepare Paal Kudam (Milk Pots)

Srinithi Ramalingam (3) carries a Paal Kudam. She carried a Paal Kudam last year as well

Kaavadi dancers perform in fron of the Moolasthaanam (main shrine of the temple) before parading around the streets

Devotees carry the milk pots on the heads to show their devotion love towards the God

Devotees waited patiently in queues to fulfill their vows

“I believe in sacrifice.I have been taking milk pots for more a decade to Lord Murugan. And I will continue to carry milk pots” said Muthulakshmi Krishnan

Kids are getting ready for Kaavadi dance

Paal Kudam paraded through the streets in the city

The Hindus believe that each soul has the spark of divine

Climate for festivity was created by bells and drums

Drums are beaten faster for the Kaavadi dancers

Jeevanathan Abhinash (8) was excited as he was taking Kaavadi for the third time

Some devotees pierced their cheeks with skewers

The space is set by several devotees of Lord Murugan

Kids enjoyed dancing on the streets

Saffron water is poured on the feet after the procession the streets and before entering the temple

A female devotee dances in front of the Vasantha Mandapam

Milk which was carried by the devotees is offered to the Lord

Milk which was carried by the devotees is offered to the Lord

A female devotee enters into a state of trance

Ginthupitty is a section of capital Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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