Celebrating Tamil Month of Aadi

By Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

Aadi is the fourth month according to the Tamil Almanac. July 17th 2007 – the first day of the month of Aadi – July, according to the Tamil Almanac. Aadi Pirappu was celebrated (Birth of Aadi month) on this day, making Kozhukattai and Aadi Koozh and sharing with relatives and friends.

The month of Aadi is considered inauspicious by the Hindus, which continues till August 17th 2007. But the month of Aadi is considered sacred for Shakthi worship.

Young women who are unmarried throng the temple especially on Aadi Sevvai during the month of Aadi to make vows, fast and worship the Goddess to invoke her blessings to find life partners for them.

Aadi was born on a Tuesday (Aadi Seivvaai) this time

Special poojas were performed for the Goddess Durkai. Goddess Durkai was decorated with lemons,garlands and silk saree

Aadi is a month of festivals

Women continue to go to the temple on Aadi Sevvai days during the month of Aadi

Devotees thronged the temples early morning on Aadi Pirappu to participate in poojas

Moolasthanam (main shrine of the temple) and devotees reflect on the mirror

Aadi Koozh (porridge) is served to the devotees

Kozhukkattai is made at homes and shared

“Mela Kachcheri”-a musical recital by auspicious instruments such as Thavil and Nathaswaram for Aadi Pirappu

No new ventures are initiated during the month of July, because it’s considered not yielding the desired results

Aadi fervour catches on and continues till early August

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