“Government should now accept UN HR monitoring mission”

Government should now accept UN human rights monitoring mission here as International community has helped Sri Lanka by positioning it at the UN rights council

International community has helped Sri Lanka by electing Ambassador Dayan Jayatilake as one of the four Vice Presidents in the UN Human Rights Council. This is a great opportunity to the government to put its acts together on the all important human rights issue.

We call upon the government to start the act with agreeing to the proposal of UN human rights monitoring mission in Sri Lanka, says Civil Monitoring Commission convener and Western Peoples Front Leader Mano Ganesan MP in statement released today.

Ganesan said further in the statement:

“Vice presidency is not a credit but a responsibility. There should be no mistake about it. This responsibility comes with fair investigations on all what have happened and efficient preventive measures. The culture of impunity should go for good. But the reality now is terrible. Even while Sri Lanka is positioned in the UN rights council a Tamil lady officer at the Colombo UN office has run out of the country due to the extortion threats.

And ICJ says in its charge that bullet used in the ACF killing may have been removed. There are many more similar serious charges and occurrences are recorded. If this situation is going to continue, the Tamil people will be compelled to hold not only the government but also those who elected and supported Sri Lanka in the UN rights council, responsible.

This is because no body, but we are the people who are at the receiving end of the carnage of human rights violations and impunity.”

[Full Text of Press Release by Civil Monitoring Commission]

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