Photo Journal: Savukkady welfare camp

By Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

This is a very cramped camp with canvass tents put up next to each other. There are 1,920 persons-520 families living in this camp. They got displaced from Periyapullumalai, Sinnapullumalai, Pankidaaveli, Unnichchai, Kokkattichcholai, Vavunatheevu, and Karadiyanaaru.

The Internally Displaced Persons have been living in this Savukkady welfare camp is situated in Aarumugaththaan Kudiyiruppu. Their livelihood and properties are lost due to fighting since March 2007. They are willing to go back, if an assurance is given to them by both warring parties.

“I want to become a teacher, but unable to continue my education due to displacement” said Ishwarya Yogarasa (12) of Karadiyannaru.

The people stay under trees,because it’s too hot inside the canvass tents.

There is no privacy.

“I have young daughters. I am frightened to go back without any assurance” said Sivapakkiyam Kanapathipillai (56) of Periyapullumalai.

The people have to either walk or go by bicycle to the town.

Female members of the family go to the jungle to pick up firewood fro thier use.

“I have no help. I am very frightned to go back to my village. I am not well and find it very difficult to stay in the camp” said Pushparani Arulthappu (38) of Unnchchai.

Families find it difficult to meet their daily needs without a fixed income. Open space is used as kitchen.

Open space is used as kitchen

“I get dry rations, but not enough. I have to buy the rest of the ingredients to make meals. My husband does labourer work and earn a daily income to feed the family. I can’t live like this any longer. I left my home with my then three month-old daughter” said Alaguthurai Suhashini (27) of Sinnapullumalai,while carrying her six month-old daughter Alexia.

Men have lsot their livelihood.

The children harldy get involved in educational activities.

Limited space is available for everybody.

Source: humanityashore


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