Weakening the LTTE

By R. Senaratne

The government of Sri Lanka says that its plan is to weaken the LTTE so that it will be compelled to come to the negotiating table and accept what is offered.

The futile attempt at weakening the LTTE in the first place means not only continuing to sacrifice the lives of thousands of innocent civilians and forces personnel, but also causing untold human suffering and irreparable destruction to the economy and the country.

It must be noted that never has there been an instance when the LTTE has come to the negotiating table in a militarily debilitated state. Notwithstanding all this, the fact remains that even if the LTTE is brought to the negotiating table someday in a militarily debilitated state, the solution that has to be offered to the Tamil community cannot be watered down as expected by the government, on the basis that the LTTE is now weakened and must accept what is on offer to them.

Whether the LTTE is in a state of military weakness or not, the final solution to be offered to the Tamil community will have to be within the framework of a federal solution, as otherwise the Tamil community will refuse to accept anything else and they will have the backing of India and the international community, resulting in government’s plans only ending in failure.

The government has made the issue of weakening the LTTE an excuse to dilly-dally and delay a viable solution being formulated and made public even by the APRC.

To further complicate matters, the JVP and JHU the powerful government allies, have ruled out a federal solution. The government is now caught between the devil and the deep blue sea and is merely biding its time on the pretext of trying to weaken the LTTE and is getting nowhere in the process except being party to causing immense human suffering, loss of human lives and destruction of the economy and the country.

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