Let sanity prevail!

By Sydney Knight

TNA MP, K. Thangeswary speaking from the floor of the house of parliament has stated “Tamils have gone to India due to the conflict.”

What the learned MP has said is the reality in conflict areas all over the world. Recently on TV we saw people fleeing from their homes due to the conflict in Lebanon.

However the moot point is; what is the government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) doing to help these Tamils of Sri Lanka?

From the media it is very clear that the GOSL is supposed to be fighting terrorism. In this matter the GOSL is doing what Bush, Blair, Howard and Company are doing all over the world.

But that only helps the GOSL to feel with all those who want this war, that the GOSL is winning. This however is a ‘no win’ war. The victims are those who have to flee from their homes.

In this context can sanity prevail? Isn’t the GOSL also for these Tamils?

So the only sane way to handle this is to stop the war, create the ethos for talks, and begin the process of settling our problem, by working out a negotiated and lasting political solution.

It can be done. If Northern Ireland can do it why cannot Sri Lanka?

In the former, the conflict was between two branches of the ‘same faith’ community. In Sri Lanka it is thankfully not a religious war.

And we have four of the world’s living faiths. Can’t we all for the sake of these fleeing Tamils and all others affected, settle this problem? I am sure we can.

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